Born in small town Ontario, I, Mark Coffey grew up surrounded by small plots of owner operated pastoral farmlands. This early connection to the land is deeply embedded in my thinking and way of life. I took this love of land and ecology into my studies, obtaining an Environmental Sciences degree from Trent University, in Peterborough Ontario. Following adventure I pursued summers of canoe guiding and winters of ski patrolling for a time before the draw of the mountains led me to set up roots in the interior of British Columbia. I now call Kelowna home, in the heart of the Okanagan basin.

Documentary photography had always been part of my explorations but it wasn’t until settling into Kelowna that I began to see my art form as a career. The art and career have been developing since starting Mark Coffey Photography in 2006.



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  1. I am searching for the photographer who took a photo of Louis W Ballard,
    Native American composer/musician. The color photo is of Ballard surrounded with his native instruments. It was published in the Liberty Sun-News, Missouri. Are you that Mark Coffey?

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