Okanagan Life magazine has me out on assignment for their upcoming issue. I really enjoy working for the fine folks at Okanagan Life – they have introduced me to some great people. This assignment has been no different; I met and worked with two fine folks yesterday:

This is Bob Land – as true of a cowboy that I have or will ever meet.

What a great character. He has spent years in the saddle and has many a fine story to go along with them. He once led a large group from Warner Bros. Studios into the Chilcotin Mountains so they could take wilderness footage for use in their films. Imagine this, they used 200 lb glass cased batteries and it was 130 miles to the nearest place where they could be charged. No roads – Big work.
I found Bob, teaching others at his home, the craft of saddle and bridle making that he spent years developing. A warm-hearted, generous, genuine cowboy – it is a pleasure to have met you Bob.

Andrew James, commercial neon sign maker:

There is a beautiful art and dance when bending glass tubes and Andrew is the expert. We had some fun with these images – turning up the fires and playing with the light. Thanks Andrew!

(selectively coloured)

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