A big loss

Tough days.
Our dog, Echo had a stroke overnight a few days ago and we had him put down. There is an empty space, a gap in our lives – he will be missed.

It’s amazing the joy that pets can bring us. They become members of our family and part of who we are. When they leave us, it leaves a terrible sense of loss in the wake. He was a great dog; powerful, energetic, smart, confident and independent. Living for 15 years, he has been with me for quite nearly half of my lifetime. Sarah and I have been together for nearly 10 years, we haven’t yet known life without him.

He left this world as an old dog; his puppy outlook will always be with us.

We love you.
We miss you.

Atikokan, Batchewaung, Sarah and Mark

Our buddy from Mark Coffey on Vimeo.

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