I am in love with wild places and committed to helping them survive. To this Sarah and I are proud to be a member of One Percent for the Planet ‘a growing global movement of 1076 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of 1715 environmental organizations worldwide’. We also operate Freestone Spirit Photography, a wedding photography business and 1% of all sales from both Mark Coffey Photography and Freestone Spirit Photography are donated.

I have also found a love for teaching. It started while canoe guiding. I was enthralled with teaching people about wild spaces and travelling within them. The love for sharing and teaching is still active with me and it comes out when I get to teach photography to young and eager minds at The Centre for Arts and Technology.

One Percent for the Planet Member Logo


Take a stand for our environment.
For as we erode the riches and beauty of this land,
We erode the richness and beauty of ourselves.


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